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🌿 Cardiovascular Care: Our formula offers stellar protection against cardiovascular damage, ensuring your heart beats strong and steady.
🌿 Brain Protection: Combat the harmful effects of cerebral ischemia. Every capsule aids in protecting against acute brain injuries resulting from impaired blood flow.
🌿 Anti-Diabetic & Anti-Inflammatory: Naturally tackle inflammation and keep diabetes at bay with holistic wellness benefits.

Powered by Nature’s Finest:
💚 TF-EGCG: A potent defender against a myriad of health challenges.
💚 Sophoretin: Naturally sourced, this ingredient is renowned for its anti-diabetic properties.
💚 Fisetin: A stalwart against inflammation, aiding in overall well-being.

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Now with improved levels of proprietary Choline Complex and Alpha-Tocopherol to increase the bioavailability and effectiveness of the choline squad in the body.

The Alfa PlaqX Pro is formulated with higher concentrations to satisfy the needs of various people of different age groups and with various nutrient requirements. Its softgel is also made with VEGETAL GELATIN, making it a 100% PLANT-BASED FORMULATION.

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Good day, friends in Singapore!

To purchase any of our MF3 Swiss products, please head over to our flagship store on Lazada Singapore for awesome deals that are not to be missed.


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Acquire the secrets of nature’s healing gifts with Swiss Naturo, now available at a special price for a limited time only!

Each product under the Swiss Naturo collection is formulated with its own immaculate blend of Phyto Extracts that possesses a distinctive nutritional profile to target and support a specific organ and its functions.


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