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Swiss Naturo

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Purify, Nourish & Revitalize

Swiss Naturo is another innovation by MF3 which harnesses nature’s healing gifts to provide amazing health benefits to the body.

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What is Swiss Naturo

Swiss Naturo is another innovation by MF3 which harnesses nature’s healing gifts to provide amazing health benefits to the body.

It works to detoxify, nourish and rejuvenate organs for an unparalleled healing that is made available in the form of oral drop supplements.

Each product under the Swiss Naturo collection is formulated with its own immaculate blend of Phyto Extracts that possesses a distinctive nutritional profile to target and support a specific organ and its functions.

Phyto Extracts or botanical extracts only rely on water as a solvent and is especially rich in plant meristem cells, bioactive compounds as well as vitamins and minerals that play a crucial role in supporting normal metabolic functions.

Liposomal Delivery System

  • Protects bioactive components against degradation at many levels in the digestive system.
  • Allows bioactive components to be absorbed intact into the bloodstream and into the cells and tissues.
  • Small liposomal vesicles of 1.25μm allows absorption to begin in the oral cavity.
  • Allows optimal bioavailability.

SWISS-NATURO-Glucose Management


Glucose Management

Formulated with EGCG, a unique plant compound found in Green Tea, and Berberine Vulgaris. SWISS NATURO GM works to improve insulin sensitivity, facilitate the transport of glucose into the cells as well as regulate cholesterol and metabolism.

Every 1ml of SWISS NATURO GM provides 5mg of Berberine Vulgaris with extraction ratio of 30:1, equivalent to 150mg Berberine Vulgaris, and 50mg EGCG from Green Tea extract ,with extraction ratio of 10:1, equivalent to 500mg EGCG.


  • Regulates blood sugar levels
  • Reduces LDL cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Regulates metabolism
  • Anti-inflammatory

The Bio Active Ingredients


A potent polyphenol derived from green tea, EGCG has been shown to have protective effects on individuals with diabetes as it helps the metabolic system function. Several studies have evaluated the role of EGCG in controlling glucose levels and improving glucose intolerance by stimulating GLUT4-mediated glucose uptake in the skeletal muscle.

Berberine Vulgaris
A hypoglycemic phytoactive is known as the AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) activator. AMPK is a key energy-sensing and signaling system in the cells and acts as a fuel gauge by monitoring cellular energy levels. Activation of AMPK is known to increase insulin sensitivity and regulate mitochondrial function.


Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. Use with caution for those with low blood pressure. Taking this product along with diabetes medication might cause your blood sugar to go too low. Use with caution.

Possible drug interactions: Be cautious with this combination. Speak with your health provider. Cyclosporine, antidiabetic drugs, dextromethorphan, losartan, antihypertensive drugs, anticoagulants / antiplatelet drugs.

SWISS-NATURO-Prostate Health


Prostate Health

Formulated with Saw Palmetto Extract, Beta-sitosterol, Lycopene and Zinc, SWISS NATURO PH provides a broad-spectrum of bioactive compounds to alleviate urinary symptoms associated with enlarged prostate gland.

Every 1ml of SWISS NATURO PH provides 50mg of Saw Palmetto Extract with extraction ratio of 10:1, equivalent to 500mg, 20mg Beta-sitosterol , 2mg Lycopene and 2mg Zinc.


  • Improves urinary function
  • Alleviates enlarged prostate
  • Reduces pain and discomfort
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation of the prostate

The Bio Active Ingredients

Saw Palmetto Extract

Extracted from the American Dwarf Palm, saw palmetto extract is known for its positive effect in alleviating urinary dysfunction due to the enlargement of prostate gland by the inhibition of 5α-reductase i and ii, and binding inhibition of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) to the androgen receptors.


A phytopharmacologic extract comprising of numerous types of phytosterols, Beta-Sitosterol shows to be effective in alleviating enlarged prostate via the inhibition of 5-reductase and reduction of prostatic inflammation.


An active carotenoid with a potent anti-inflammatory property, there is consistent evidence showing that deficiency of lycopene is linked with poor prostate condition, and that supplementation of lycopene improves urinary symptoms associated with prostate enlargement.


Zinc is abundant in the prostate gland compared to other soft tissues in the human body. It serves as an essential mineral in maintaining prostate health. There have been reports that zinc has a protective role in the inhibition of prostate cancer cell growth through the nuclear factor κB, an antiapoptotic protein.


This product is not suitable for those with blood clotting disorders, liver disease and pancreas disorders.

Possible drug interactions: Be cautious with this combination. Speak with your health provider. Hormone replacement therapy, anticoagulant drugs, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and multivitamins with minerals.

SWISS-NATURO-Heavy Metal Detox


Heavy Metal Detox

Formulated with plant-based ingredients are Kalonji, Chlorella, Cilantro, and an amino acid, Acetylcysteine. Each ingredient plays an important role in supporting the body’s normal detoxification process and neutralizing free radicals.

Every 1ml of SWISS NATURO HMD provides 50mg Kalonji, 5mg Chlorella, 20mg Cilantro and 10mg of Acetylcysteine. These ingredients work synergically in mobilizing heavy metals from the tissues to the circulatory system, which is then chelated and excreted out from the body via excretory system.


  • Aids in Heavy Metal Detoxification
  • Enhances Liver Detoxification
  • Increases Antioxidant Protection
  • Reduces Absorption or Reabsorption of Toxic Metals

The Bio Active Ingredients


Contains thymol and thymoquinone which can neutralize reactive oxygen species (ROS) and transform toxic metals to their non-toxic states by formation of metal complexes or conversion into their reduced forms.


A versatile herb comprised of chemical compounds excretes toxic metals stored in tissues and into the circulatory system to the circulatory system, allowing effective heavy metals removal. Highly effective towards removing inorganic matter and methylmercury, a dangerous toxicant found in fish and kinds of seafood.


A thiol compound which serves as a free radical scavenger and as a chelator of toxic elements. It supports the natural detoxication of liver by stimulating glutathione biosynthesis, a water-soluble antioxidant that plays an important role in the Phase II detoxification processes in the liver.


Chlorella is a unicellular algae that have been reported to be useful in detoxifying toxic chemical compounds. In addition, it serves as a mobilizer and chelator that excrete heavy metals out of cellular tissues to a circulatory system with enhanced removal via urinary and faecal excretion and the ability to prevent reabsorption of heavy metals.


It may interact with certain medications, such as blood thinners, and it may not be suitable for those with certain autoimmune conditions or pregnant women due to its ability to stimulate the immune system.

Possible drug interactions: Be cautious with this combination. Speak with your health provider. Antidiabetic drugs, immunosuppressants, anticoagulants, CNS depressants.



Mood Lifter

Formulated with amino acids GABA, L-theanine, and L-tryptophan, SWISS NATURO ML offers positive effects in balancing the nervous system, providing relaxation, and improving sleep quality. GABA and L-theanine are a dynamic duo that works wonders in promotes the release of dopamine and serotonin.

The formulation is fortified with L-tryptophan to support melatonin production for relaxation, relaxation, and good sleep quality. Every 1ml of SWISS NATURO ML provides 200mg GABA, 100mg L-theanine and 20mg L-tryptophan.


  • Regulates Mood and Promotes Relaxation
  • Aids Concentration and Focus
  • Improves Sleep Quality
  • Alleviates Stress and Anxiety

The Bio Active Ingredients


An amino acid that functions as an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. It is well established that GABA-A receptors’ activation initiates and maintains non-rapid eye movement (NERM) during sleep.


A biologically active compound derived from green tea can pass through the blood-brain barrier. As a result, it serves as a neurotransmitter that increases dopamine concentrations and reduces norepinephrine levels in the brain. In addition, it is reported that L-theanine reduces glutamate reuptake by inhibiting glutamate transport and triggers the release of alpha waves, which enhances relaxation, focus and creativity.


L-tryptophan is an essential amino acid that has a direct effect on the homeostatic regulation of sleep, and serves as the precursor of serotonin and melatonin, which play roles in the regulation of circadian rhythms.


Likely unsafe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and not recommended for anyone with white blood cell disorders, liver, or kidney diseases.

Possible drug interactions: Be cautious with this combination. Speak with your health provider. Antihypertensive, stimulants, sedatives, dextromethorphan, medication for depression, meperidine, pentazocine, phenothiazines and Ultram.


Inflammatory Response Support

Formulated with plant-based polyphenols that have a therapeutic benefit in reducing chronic inflammation. Inflammation occurred when our body is infected or when healthy cells are harmed. It will send a signal releasing a chemical that triggers response from the immune system. Chronic inflammation transpires when this response is constantly alert, and if it is not treated, it will harm tissues and organs.


  • Reduce systemic inflammation
  • Alleviate joint pain in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) & osteoarthritis (OA)
  • Lessens the risk of cartilage tissue damage

The Bio Active Ingredients


A natural polyphenolic compound that has been established to have the therapeutic effect for the management of inflammation associated with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, neuroinflammation and osteoarthritis by attenuating the activation of immune cells and release of pro-inflammatory mediators through the inhibition of the transcriptional factors and inhibition of microglia and activate the activities of sirtuins including sirtuin 1.


A Phyto polyphenol compound that has many biological properties such as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiproliferative and anticarcinogenic. Apigenin can cross the blood-brain barrier, which serves as an effective anti-inflammatory ingredient to reduce neuroinflammation. Apigenin promotes different anti-inflammatory pathways, including p38/MAPK and PI3K/Akt, and prevents the IKB degradation and nuclear translocation of the NF-B and reduction of COX-2 activity. Apigenin is also served as a supporting treatment in alleviating the arthritis symptom by inhibiting the collagenase activity.


A polyphenol antioxidant with an effective anti-inflammatory property. It has been established that kaempferol has a therapeutic effect on inflammation-related diseases such as allergies, arthritis, diabetes, and neurological regression by regulating the expression of genes that are involved in inflammation and inhibit the transcription factors and protein kinases. In addition, Kaempferol is also categorised as a novel therapeutic agent for treating rheumatoid arthritis as it inhibits the synovial fibroblast proliferation and production of MMPs, COX-2 and PGE2.


Has mild estrogenic activity, women with conditions that are estrogen sensitive should seek medical advice before taking this product.

Possible drug interactions: Be cautious with this combination. Speak with your health provider. Might interact with blood thinners like warfarin. Contraindicated with folic acid-deficient and iron-deficient patients, may reduce nutrient bioavailability.


Bladder Control

Overactive bladder is a condition that causes a frequent and sudden urge to urinate that can be difficult to control and may result in unintentional loss of urine. In addition, it may be caused by urinary infections that irritate the bladder. SWISS NATURO BC is formulated with plant-based ingredients, which are best known for their benefits in improving the lower urinary tract symptoms such as reduced urinary flow, incomplete emptying of the bladder, post urination dripping, and the constant urge to urinate. It also supports bladder health by flush out impurities and toxins from the urinary tract and reduces urinary inflammation.


  • Alleviate overactive bladder and stress incontinence
  • Soothe urinary inflammation

The Bio Active Ingredients


An antiseptic phytoextract that is most well-known and historically used to support bladder and urinary tract health. Its primary compound, such as arbutin and hydroquinone, possess astringent and antibacterial properties. It also serves as a potent anti-inflammatory compound in reducing urinary inflammation. The anti-bacterial and astringent benefits of Bearberry is effective in alleviating urinary tract infection and urinary incontinence.

Saw Palmetto

Extracted from American Dwarf Palm, Saw Palmetto Extract contains a complex mixture of free fatty acids, small quantities of phytosterols and various polyprenic compounds and are known for their positive effect in alleviating the lower urinary tract symptoms by inhibiting the activation of TRPV1 in the bladder.

Urtica dioica

Contain a complex mixture of water-and alcohol-soluble compounds such as fatty acids, sterols such as β-sitosterol, campesterol, and stigmasterol and flavonoids, which has a beneficial effect on the treatment of lower urinary tract symptoms by reducing the inflammation and flushing out toxin from the urinary tract.


Comprises of flavonoids and coumarins with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activities. Juniperus has traditionally been used to support kidney and balder health by flushing out impurities and toxins from the urinary tract and reduce inflammation.


Not suitable for people with either acute or chronic inflammation of the kidneys or kidney failure. It should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women. Although the phytoextract is shown to lower blood glucose levels, be cautious if you have diabetes under medication. In addition, the product contains Saw Palmetto that may slow down blood clotting. Stop taking this product at least 2 weeks before any surgery, dental work, or medical procedure.

Possible drug interactions: Be cautious with this combination. Speak with your health provider. Antidiabetes, Diuretic Drugs, Contraceptive Drugs, Estrogen Pills, Anticoagulant and Antiplatelet Drugs.


Sexual Health

Swiss Naturo SH is a blend of phyto-aphrodisiac substances that increase blood flow to the reproductive organ, improve sexual functions and libido, and boost energy for better sexual performance. This formulation supports healthy sexual performance and alleviating erectile dysfunction. In addition, the formula of six ingredients combined works better than each ingredient, supporting optimum functions of reproductive organs and boosting stamina for better sexual performance and overall health.


  • Improve sexual performance and health
  • Increasing energy levels
  • May help alleviate erectile dysfunction

The Bio Active Ingredients

Panax Extract

Known as a potent aphrodisiac substance for combating sexual dysfunction enhancing sexual performance. In addition, Panax is known for its therapeutic effect in promoting testes’ growth and increasing sperm count and testosterone level. It also enhances the fertilization of sperm motility via the modulation of nitric oxide formation.

Lepidium meyenii

Lepidium meyenii comprises phytosterol, which shows a positive effect in supporting spermatogenesis and fertility. In addition, Macaenes and Macamides novel compounds of Lepidium meyenii have been reported to have a positive effect on increasing sexual desire.

Ptychopetali lignum

An aphrodisiac plant extracts rich in sitosterol, campesterol, and lupeol activates the body receptors for hormones like testosterone to heighten libido and enhance sexual performance.

Yohimbe Bark

Contain quebrachine, an alkaloid that supports dilation of blood vessels and increases blood flow and nerve impulses in the reproductive organ (penis and vagina) by promoting the release of nitric oxide and blocking the receptors that are responsible for preventing erections.


Icariin is the major bioactive component of Barrenwort which have the ability in supporting sexual functions and alleviating erectile dysfunction by the inhibition of the PDE5 that blocking the dilation of the arteries in the penis. This mechanism allows blood to fill the arteries and the three cylinders in the penis and create an erection.

Ginger Rhizome

The aphrodisiac root helps to improve blood ow and circulation. It also enhances testosterone production by increasing the luteinizing hormone production, increasing blood ow in Leydig cells, reducing oxidative stress and lipid peroxidation in the testes, and enhancing nitric oxide production.


Do not consume alcohol or caffeine before or after consuming this product. This product is formulated with various plant extract that may not be suitable for individuals who are taking nitrate, hypertension (high blood pressure)
and/or hypotension (low blood pressure) medication. Not suitable for individuals with a history of heart attack, heart failure or angina. Should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Possible drug interactions: Be cautious with this combination. Speak with your health provider. Antidepressant, antihypertensive, stimulant, insulin or antidiabetic, anticoagulant / antiplatelet drugs, immunosuppressants and warfarin.


Kidney Health

Formulated with a synergic blend of Phyto extract that possesses diuretic effect, anti-lithic and anti-inflammatory properties which plays an important role in supporting the urinary system, specifically kidney health.


  • Relieve kidney edema and urinary retention
  • Alleviate the urinary tract inflammation
  • Reduce the accumulated levels of uric acid

The Bio Active Ingredients


An antiseptic phytoextract that is most well-known and historically used to support bladder and urinary tract health. It contains arbutin, which forms an antibacterial compound such as hydroquinone within the urinary system to alleviate the inflammation of the urinary system and supports healthy bacteria balance to prevent harmful bacteria growth. Arbutin is also known for its benefits to reduce the accumulation of uric acid and is beneficial for treating kidney stones. Bearberry also contains diuretic phytochemicals to prevent kidney and urinary oedema.

Eutrochium purpureum

The antilithic ingredient which is known to have the ability to soften and dissolve kidney stone so it can pass through the kidney to the bladder and eliminated through urination. It also has diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to relieve urinary retention and kidney oedema symptoms.


Rich in active chemical constituents such as flavonoids and coumarins that have diuretic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activities. Juniperus has traditionally been used to support kidney health and relieve the urinary tract by increasing the urinary volume, flush out impurities and toxins from the urinary tract and reduce inflammation.


An aquaretic Phyto extracts rich in flavonoids, specifically quercetin and its derivatives, which can inhibit the neutral endopeptidase, leads to improved urination volume without affecting the electrolyte balances. Goldenrod is known for its benefits in supporting kidney and urinary tract health by promoting the removal of renal deposits and harmful organisms responsible for the development of kidney stones and urinary tract infections.


Not suitable for people with either acute or chronic inflammation of the kidneys or kidney failure. Should not be used by pregnant women or lithium user. The phytoextract shown to lower blood glucose levels, be cautious if you are a diabetic under medication. Do not take if you are allergic to goldenrod or any ingredients contained in this

Possible drug interactions: Be cautious with this combination. Speak with your health provider. Antidiabetic and Diuretic drugs.

All SWISS NATURO ranges are safe to be consumed by mixing with lukewarm water or sublingual administration.

General: Mix 1ml (equivalent to 15drops) per serving with lukewarm water and drink daily. Best taken on empty stomach.
Sublingual administration: Place 15 drops under the tongue, swirl for a few minutes before swallowing.

Storage recommendation: 4 – 8 Celcius
Shelf Life: 2 years after manufacturing. Mild sedimentation may occur and is considered normal within product shelf life.


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