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Smoker & Drinker

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Smoker & Drinker Lifestyle Combination beginner’s pack: 
Swiss Naturo HMD (30 ml)
+ PE Evolution (10 softgels)
+ Plaqx Extra
(10 softgels)

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Many people who smoke tobacco and drinking are keen to stop due to the associated health risks. Still, it can be difficult to stop smoking cigarettes and consuming alcohol.

However with the right approach, it is possible to break this unhealthful routine and kick the habit once and for all with the help from our MF3 Smoker & Drinker healthy supplement.

Swiss Naturo HMD (30ml) :

Formulated with a plant-based detoxifier such as Kalonji, Green Algae, Cilantro and amino acid, Acetylcysteine, each ingredient plays an important role in supporting the body’s normal detoxification process by neutralizing free radicals. It works by mobilization of heavy metals from tissue to the circulatory system to stimulate glutathione and the conversion of toxic metals to their non-toxic state via the formation of metal complexes and conversion into their reduced forms.

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PE Evolution (10 softgels) :

Enhanced formulation of Sheep Placenta Extracts with Premium Marine Cellular Extracts and Ubiquinol for total rejuvenation, intensive cellular renewal and complete wellness. It also possesses many other benefits, including anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, which are suitable for drinkers and smokers who tend to have higher CRP (C-reactive protein; produced by the liver as the response to inflammation in the bloodstream).

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Plaqx Extra (10 softgels) :

New improved formulation of Phyto therapeutic supplement offers even better efficacy and bioavailability to support cellular membrane health and maintain healthy cholesterol levels and liver health. It also assists in detoxification and maintains cell membrane integrity and fluidity.

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1 month course (preventive & maintenance) – long term

1st 10 days to reduce toxin in the body: 1ml (15drops) of Swiss Naturo HMD mixed with warm water per day, 30 minutes before breakfast.

2nd 10 days for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant: 1 softgel of PE Evolution, 30 minutes before meal

3rd 10 days to support cellular membrane repair, regeneration, and functions: 1 softgel of Plaqx Extra, 30 minutes before meal

  • Make sure there is a gap between the consumption of supplements, a minimum of 30 minutes before taking the next one.
  • Consult your physician if you take any medications before consuming our products.
  • Pregnant, lactating mothers or with medical conditions, kindly consult a physician before consuming our products.
  • Protocol of consumption is only a general rule of thumb. For personalized nutritional advice, kindly seek our nutritionist advice at

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