How to Prevent Heavy Metal Poisoning?

How to Prevent Heavy Metal Poisoning?

How to Prevent Heavy Metal Poisoning?

We already know the dangers of heavy metal poisoning, caused by the harmful toxic amounts founds in our foods, medicine and our daily exposure to hazardous industrial pollutions. They can affect our body not only in short term, but will have a long term effect as well if not treated properly.

With health management, prevention is always better than treating. Here is a list of what you should do to prevent the dangers of heavy metal poisoning.

  • Wear masks and protective clothing if you work around heavy metals or polluted exposure
  • Keep your home out of dust and dirt since many metals accumulate with these two
  • Pay attention to your local fresh food supplies such as fish, meat or even vegetables regarding mercury level that might be in your meal
  • Beware of potential sources of lead exposure such as hazardous toxics from industrial materials
  • Check for any heavy metals on the labels of products you bring to your hom

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